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Add a touch of randomness to your life.

Do you have trouble drinking enough water during the day? Maybe you want a reminder to step away from the computer for a bit. How about a reminder to exercise? Trying to make a habit? Or break one? Get a random motivational quote? This app will let you set any number of custom reminders that will remind you for that and a whole lot more.

Reminders can be extensively customized in a large variety of options. Make sure you show advanced options to see them all.

If you don't want random then you can still set specific times or interval timing. This lets you keep all your reminders in one place.

Random reminders don't have to be per day. Now you can randomly get reminded on a weekly or monthly scale.

Add locations to only get reminded when you are at work, home, when leaving work, or anywhere else you want. 

Backup and restore your reminders in app or even send your favorite reminder to a friend.

Track how well you follow your reminders with click vs. dismiss notification tracking. Check the reminder's summary page for all the statistics. Statistics are tracked on a per day basis along with lifetime tracking. Export the data as a .csv for analysis in a spreadsheet application.

This app has been translated by a combination of machine translation and community support. If you would like to help you can at http://translate.jamesmorrisstudios.us

If you want to try the new features early join the beta test here https://play.google.com/apps/testing/jamesmorrisstudios.com.randremind.donate

Permission Explanation
Internet - Used for the map when picking locations
Location - Used for location based reminders
Storage - Used for import/export and for ringtone picking.

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