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How To Play One & Up

Getting Started

On launch you will be prompted to login to Google Play Games for Achievements and Leaderboards. This is entirely optional and not required to enjoy the game. If you change your mind later you can login/logout from the navigation drawer at any time.

Your game automatically starts when you launch the game so just jump right it. Swipe in from the left to view the navigation drawer where you can look at Achievements, Leaderboards, High Scores, change Settings , and more.

Game Play

One & Up features a 6x6 grid of blocks. The center 4x4 grid is able to move but the outer blocks are fixed. You control the center grid by swiping in one of four directions, up, down, left, or right. Each swipe will slide the center blocks in the direction of the swipe. 

If two blocks of the same number slide into each other they will merge and merged block will increase its value by one. Center blocks are able to merge with the other center blocks and with the outer fixed blocks.

Merging a center block into an outer block will increase your score. To get the maximum score possible you will want to increase all 4 sides of the outer blocks evenly.


One & Up lets you customize the experience so the game plays exactly how you want it. 

Enable immersive mode for a full screen gaming experience.

Music and sound effects can be enabled or disabled individually.

If the translation to your language isn't to your liking you can force English.

The app theme can be adjusted as can the primary and accent app colors.

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