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How To Play Match The Block

Getting Started

On launch you will be prompted to login to Google Play Games for Achievements and Leaderboards. This is entirely optional and not required to enjoy the game. If you change your mind later you can login/logout from the navigation drawer at any time.

Your game automatically starts when you launch the game so just jump right it by hitting Start.

Navigation Drawer

    Checkout your high scores, Achievements, and the Leaderboards from the navigation drawer.

    Also sign in/out of Google Play Games. Remove ads by upgrading to Pro, adjust settings, and view Help & Feedback.

Game Play

The object of the game is go tap the blocks that match the top color before the timer on the left fills up. You only need to get one but getting them all scores a combo. A sequence of combos scores massive points so try for those.

The game ends if you tap the wrong color or fail to get even one block.

As the game progresses the pace of the game increases as shown on the progress bar on the right. 

Scoring combos earns you diamonds. These diamonds can then be spent to slow the game back down. It is cheaper the faster the current pace so don't spend them all early. Also diamonds carry over match to match.

You can also watch a video ad to earn 50 diamonds without having to play to get them.


Enable immersive mode for a full screen gaming experience.

Music and sound effects can be enabled or disabled individually.

If the translation to your language isn't to your liking you can force English.

The app theme can be adjusted as can the primary and accent app colors.

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