By: James | May 26, 2015

Randomly RemindMe just got quite a bit of a face lift. The primary complaint I had been getting about it was the colors so now it has new colors and looks a whole lot better.

In addition to the new color theme there are a couple of other additions. No new features but options to use or not use some existing features. If you don't like the notification's custom buttons that may look out of place to you then head to settings and disable it. You won't lose any functionality as you just have to expand the notification for access to those controls. Another request I got was to make the notification not so easy to dismiss. Now in settings you can enable ongoing notifications so you can only dismiss them with the dismiss or acknowledge button.

You can check out the latest on Google Play and the Amazon App Store

Upcoming Features

I have had many features requests over the last few days. I have been evaluating them and here are some of them.

  • Snooze Notification
  • Additional repeat options (Bi-Weekly, Monthly, etc)
  • One Shot Reminders (not really the focus but it lets users keep reminders in the same place. This is a big maybe)
  • Translate To Other Languages (I have had several requests for this)

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