By: James | March 23, 2016

Note: Anything listed here is preliminary and subject to change.

2.x Releases

On Website

    Catalog of prebuilt and sample reminders.

    Icon packs.

    Vibrate pattern packs.

In App

    Option to clear reminder log.

    Undo last reminder entry (Complete, Snooze, Dismiss).

    Add option to complete a reminder for a set time period instead of just to the next reminder.

    Add app level snooze (vacation) feature.

    Tasker or other remote app  integration.

    Hidden notification mode. Alert but no visual indication.

    RSS feed support for reminder messages.

    Notification stacking versus replacing option

    Creation Wizards

        Reminder build wizard to walk through common reminder use cases possibly supporting voice control.

        First launch wizard to ask common options.

        Import sample reminder wizard.

3.x and Beyond

Reminder sync across multiple devices.

Chrome OS app.

Chrome (Web) app.

IOS app.

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Azim Anderson

Posted on : August 16, 2016

Really looking forward to the sample reminders! Great app :)

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