By: James | March 22, 2016

What's New

Location based reminders.

Weekly and Monthly reminder periods.

App Widget.

Adjustable app themes and colors.

Added options to customize much of the apps behavior.

Minor performance improvements.

And a whole lot more.

Pro Version

Re-branded the Donation version to Pro

Some of the new features will require the Pro version.

All features of version 1.x and many of the new features are all still available in the free version.

Fixes and Changes

Snoozed reminders survive a device reboot.

Snoozed reminders now properly block future reminders until the snooze time is complete.

Improved handling of Android 6 permissions.

Important Changes

Backups created in Randomly RemindMe 1.x are not supported in version 2.0

Page navigation is now handled by a navigation drawer.

Export reminder log has been moved to the import/export page.

Some reminder settings have been hidden by default. Enable Show Advanced to see them.



Posted on : April 30, 2016

Dude, you've got a great app.

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