Randomly RemindMe

Do you have trouble drinking enough water during the day? Maybe you want a reminder to step away from the computer for a bit. How about a reminder to stop and do push-ups? Trying to make a habit? Or break one? This app will let you set any number of custom reminders that will remind you throughout the day for that and a whole lot more.

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BandIt Five

Play with friends, family, or strangers with this game of strategy and chance. Play online no matter where you are or pass and play with friends next to you. No one around? Play against the computer for an offline challenge. You can even play with a friend against the computer.

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One & Up

One And Up brings you some familiar game play with an entirely new and addictive twist that you have to try to see. Inspired by the ever popular 2048, One And Up uses the same swipe gestures while providing a whole new strategy and style of play in this fast paced puzzle game.

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Match the Block

A fresh take on the classic speed color matching game.

Improve your color matching abilities and speed. Start slow and work your way up to blistering speed. It takes a sharp mind and a fast touch to get on top of the Leaderboards.

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